With a background in the Southern California action sports industry, over fifteen years in digital marketing, and a love for the ocean and surfing, I have always wanted to start my own surf lifestyle brand!

Having fallen down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, I've noticed a gaping hole in opsec-friendly Bitcoin-related gear that didn't scream "I own bitcoin," so I wanted to change that–and I wanted to contribute to the Bitcoin space.

LMTD (LMTD Supply Co.) is a surf-inspired lifestyle brand for plebs with a surf, skate, snow aesthetic, that provides you with the highest quality goods. The name is a nod both to my roots as part of a premier surf shop, and to the limited supply and scarcity of bitcoin.

Wether you're looking to orange pill your friends with overtly Bitcoin related designs, or if you're wanting to wear stylish designs with subtle ties to Bitcoin,  I'm dedicated to providing it to you with LMTD. Your support will go to providing for my family and for stacking sats.

Thanks in advance for your support, and let me know what you think!

@yoAdRock on Twitter (formerly @BitcoinAdRock)